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THE BIG PICS is a team of Old School master hands based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They all took first attempt of Photography with 35mm film plains & carried with working in different assignments. During the course of time, every single hand developed their skills & switched to Digital World to run with the phase of modern era. Adding the latest kind of presentation such as –

360° Virtual Tour & Virtual Video is a Unique service.

THE BIG PICS is blessed to have Mr.& Mrs. B.K.S. Inan, the couple that is leading the finest Professional Architectural practice in the country. Mr. Inan is a very specialized Professional Photographer as well that has got the most premium equipment by far in his collection.

At the moment THE BIG PICS is lined up with:

  • Presley Jeyson Gomes (Planner, Photographer, Director & Editor)
  • Mahbub Faisal (Photographer, Editor & Graphic Designer)
  • Ehsanul Alam (Photographer, Architect & Graphic Designer)
  • Ariful Islam (Photographer, designer and retouch specialist)
  • Farsid Raihan (Photographer, Virtual tour specialist)
  • Mamun-Ur- Rashid (Photographer & Architect)
  • Shamael Tuhran (Photographer & Architect)
  • Nixon- Team assistant

The team has got a huge collection of latest equipment, gadgets & many other Advanced Visual effects that the is required to produce best quality products.

Creating Profiles for the Star rated Mega Constructions such as Hotels, Resorts & Architectural Creations are their specialty.


Gear & Equipment Brand Mode Quantity
35mm DSLR Canon 5D Mark II Fully Automatic 1
" Canon 5D Classic " 1
" Canon 6D " 1
" Canon 550D " 1
" Nikon D800 " 1
" Nikon D800 " 1
" Nikon D300 " 2
Lens 6.5mm Fish Eye Manual 1
" 8mm Fish Eye " 1
" 24-105mm " 1
" 50mm Fully Automatic 2
" 100mm " 1
" 105mm " 1
" 70-200mm " 1
" 80-200mm " 1
" 11-15mm " 1
" 16-85mm " 1
" 35mm " 1
" 85mm " 1
External Lighting Flash Gun Fully Automatic 12
" Strobes " 2
" Soft box Hand Setup 2
" White Umbrella " 4
" Silver Umbrella " 2
" Reflector Hand Held/ Stand Up 4

On the top, THE BIG PICS has got good relations with local & foreign contacts to get the support of using any of the latest technology based on the project’s requirement.


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Our Happy Clients

They are really doing some splendid job in Hotel & Resort sector. 

Kaies Ali

Managing Director, Jovago,net

They are very professional with their service.

Tanveer Faruq

Media and Events Manager, Unilever Bangladesh Ltd.

The Big Pics has not only amazed us with their stunning photographs but also their professionalism and attention to details were absolutely outstanding. 

Brigadier General A H M Mokbul Hossain

Chief Executive, Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort

From the moment we met this team, we were filled with confidence because of their professionalism. 

Arman Khan

Assistant General Manager, Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf


Being a photographer is no easy business; it takes a true artist to capture the emotion of the moment and take pictures that will make people smile for years to come. Oh, and of course it also requires an amazing camera and a lot of other expensive gear.


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